Senate Bill #1028 (2017)


Upon defendant's violation of terms of bail, the amount forfeited by court is limited to10% of surety deposited.

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NOTE: Electronic voting records are unofficial and may not be accurate. For an official vote tally, check the House or Senate Journal from the day of the vote.

Floor vote for Passage

September 19, 2017 at 10:17pm
Yeas: 22 / Nays: 9 / Not voting: 7 / Recused: 0
Legislator Vote
Sen. Algiere N
Sen. Archambault Y
Sen. Calkin Y
Sen. Ciccone Y
Sen. Conley N
Sen. Cote Y
Sen. Coyne N
Sen. Crowley Y
Sen. DaPonte NV
Sen. DiPalma Y
Sen. Doyle NV
Sen. Euer Y
Sen. Felag Y
Sen. Fogarty N
Sen. Gallo Y
Sen. Gee Y
Sen. Goldin Y
Sen. Goodwin Y
Sen. Jabour Y
Sen. Kettle N
Sen. Lombardi NV
Sen. Lombardo NV
Sen. Lynch Prata Y
Sen. McCaffrey Y
Sen. Metts Y
Sen. Miller Y
Sen. Morgan N
Sen. Nesselbush NV
Sen. Paolino N
Sen. Pearson NV
Sen. Picard NV
Sen. Quezada Y
Sen. Raptakis N
Sen. Ruggerio Y
Sen. Satchell Y
Sen. Seveney N
Sen. Sheehan Y
Sen. Sosnowski Y