House Bill #7302 (2018)


Prohibits the use of display fireworks, or aerial consumer fireworks without a permit between the hours of 12:00 a.m. and 7:00 a.m. on any day and makes a violation of this permit requirement a civil violation punishable by a fine of $75 and court costs.

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NOTE: Electronic voting records are unofficial and may not be accurate. For an official vote tally, check the House or Senate Journal from the day of the vote.


March 01, 2018 at 4:42pm
Yeas: 11 / Nays: 61 / Not voting: 3 / Recused: 0
Legislator Vote
Rep. Abney N
Rep. Ackerman N
Rep. Ajello N
Rep. Almeida N
Rep. Amore N
Rep. Azzinaro N
Rep. Barros N
Rep. Bennett N
Rep. Blazejewski N
Rep. Canario N
Rep. Carson N
Rep. Casey N
Rep. Casimiro N
Rep. Chippendale Y
Rep. Corvese N
Rep. Costantino N
Rep. Coughlin N
Rep. Craven N
Rep. Cunha NV
Rep. Diaz N
Rep. Donovan N
Rep. Edwards N
Rep. Fellela N
Rep. Filippi Y
Rep. Fogarty N
Rep. Giarrusso Y
Rep. Handy N
Rep. Hearn N
Rep. Hull N
Rep. Jacquard N
Rep. Johnston N
Rep. Kazarian N
Rep. Keable N
Rep. Kennedy N
Rep. Knight N
Rep. Lancia Y
Rep. Lima N
Rep. Lombardi N
Rep. Maldonado N
Rep. Marshall N
Rep. Marszalkowski N
Rep. Mattiello N
Rep. McEntee N
Rep. McKiernan N
Rep. McLaughlin N
Rep. McNamara N
Rep. Mendonca Y
Rep. Messier N
Rep. Morgan Y
Rep. Morin N
Rep. Nardolillo Y
Rep. Newberry Y
Rep. Nunes NV
Rep. O'Brien N
Rep. O'Grady N
Rep. Perez N
Rep. Phillips N
Rep. Price Y
Rep. Quattrocchi Y
Rep. Ranglin-Vassell N
Rep. Regunberg N
Rep. Roberts Y
Rep. Ruggiero N
Rep. Serpa N
Rep. Shanley N
Rep. Shekarchi N
Rep. Slater N
Rep. Solomon N
Rep. Tanzi NV
Rep. Tobon N
Rep. Ucci N
Rep. Vella-Wilkinson N
Rep. Walsh N
Rep. Williams N
Rep. Winfield N

Floor vote for PASSAGE

March 01, 2018 at 4:42pm
Yeas: 64 / Nays: 8 / Not voting: 3 / Recused: 0
Legislator Vote
Rep. Abney Y
Rep. Ackerman Y
Rep. Ajello Y
Rep. Almeida Y
Rep. Amore Y
Rep. Azzinaro Y
Rep. Barros Y
Rep. Bennett Y
Rep. Blazejewski Y
Rep. Canario Y
Rep. Carson Y
Rep. Casey Y
Rep. Casimiro Y
Rep. Chippendale N
Rep. Corvese Y
Rep. Costantino Y
Rep. Coughlin Y
Rep. Craven Y
Rep. Cunha NV
Rep. Diaz Y
Rep. Donovan Y
Rep. Edwards Y
Rep. Fellela Y
Rep. Filippi N
Rep. Fogarty Y
Rep. Giarrusso N
Rep. Handy Y
Rep. Hearn Y
Rep. Hull Y
Rep. Jacquard Y
Rep. Johnston Y
Rep. Kazarian Y
Rep. Keable Y
Rep. Kennedy Y
Rep. Knight Y
Rep. Lancia Y
Rep. Lima Y
Rep. Lombardi Y
Rep. Maldonado Y
Rep. Marshall Y
Rep. Marszalkowski Y
Rep. Mattiello Y
Rep. McEntee Y
Rep. McKiernan Y
Rep. McLaughlin Y
Rep. McNamara Y
Rep. Mendonca Y
Rep. Messier Y
Rep. Morgan N
Rep. Morin Y
Rep. Nardolillo N
Rep. Newberry Y
Rep. Nunes NV
Rep. O'Brien Y
Rep. O'Grady Y
Rep. Perez Y
Rep. Phillips Y
Rep. Price N
Rep. Quattrocchi N
Rep. Ranglin-Vassell Y
Rep. Regunberg Y
Rep. Roberts N
Rep. Ruggiero Y
Rep. Serpa Y
Rep. Shanley Y
Rep. Shekarchi Y
Rep. Slater Y
Rep. Solomon Y
Rep. Tanzi NV
Rep. Tobon Y
Rep. Ucci Y
Rep. Vella-Wilkinson Y
Rep. Walsh Y
Rep. Williams Y
Rep. Winfield Y